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When a Father is not in the Home, you jeopardize the whole Family.

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Our Past . . .
We've spent a great deal of time identifying the needs for this charitable organization i.e. collecting data, reviewing court records and the dysfunctional efforts or lack of effort in the representation of men as fathers in the court system in the area of domestics.
Our efforts . . .
We are currently, still gathering data and information on the under representation of men and fathers in the domestic courts across the nation.
We are also identifying, and reflecting how the lack of fathers being present in male and female children alike lives has caused irreparable damage and the well being of children's mental, physical and emotional health.


 Your Future . . .

Our intent is to
establish programs  that provide counseling and/or resources that enforce, endorse and support the continuous relationships between father's rights as it relates to their children.
We intend to monitor the well being and health of children and family structures as a whole and their changes when fathers are no longer being displaced, but reunited with the children and their families with healthy relationships.