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When a Father is not in the Home, you jeopardize the whole Family.

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Men Who Care, Inc. .... is a one-of-a-kind non-profit organization dedicated to men, and their well-being.  Which, in itself, makes us unique in America.  As we well know in America, there is always a concern for women and children as there should be, however a forgotten component to the success of the child and the family is the father.  Finally there is an organization that speaks to the betterment of men and their self-esteem.  If you address a man's self-esteem you allow that man to be a better person under all circumstances, and a better decision maker.  Men in America have often felt isolated, especially in their hour of need.

Well, no longer will you feel alone.              


We have found that the feelings of isolation does not discriminate, it reaches across the social, political, racial and even economic lines.  


These destructive and divisive feelings often lead to men making poor and unwarranted decisions. 


We are the first organization to offer a comprehensive fatherhood program.  We offer counseling, mentoring and communication programs.  Men Who Care will re-establish father's rights and help diminish the burden of a fatherless home on society.  By having fathers involved we help alleviate the overwhelming financial, social and criminal burdens left on society, and Government.  Unfortunately even

the public sector, of which our tax dollars go to support, are the first to fail us in our time of need.  If you don't agree with this statement, just ask, 100 men of various financial and social status, as well as diverse educational backgrounds who have gone through a divorce or domestic discourse; you'll find they have a common thread, of feeling cheated, misunderstood and isolated.

At Men Who Care, Inc. we are an organization committed to the betterment and well-being of men in America, and their rights or lack thereof.  When it comes to the rights of fathers or fatherhood, this is especially prevalent.  Far too long, has our country and its' institutions turn their heads for profit or political agendas as we lose our children to some of the most hideous circumstances; "They are denying the fundamental rights of the child by alienating the father".   At what cost does the child, the family or society at large suffer for this injustice? 


At Men Who Care, Inc, we pledge to promote, and protect the rights of fathers to facilitate healthy dialog and relationships with their children their spouse or ex-spouse and/or significant others.  We will educate, and identify resources to protect and promote your rights as a father/parent.  The sometimes abusive treatment of men in the domestic court system is a direct contributor to the destruction of the American Family. 



Remember when a fathers not in the home you jeopardize the whole family