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When a Father is not in the Home, you jeopardize the whole Family.

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Relationship Building . . . . .
How can you be a father without a relationship with your child or children?   It is very important as a father if you have been absent for any period of time that you build a relationship with your children with a proper foundation. 

 Male Reunification . . . . .


Male reunification is a Men Who Care specific program with the intent of building or rebuilding relationships between a dislocated or estrange father and their child.  Whether this was due to a poor relationship with a spouse, ex-spouse or significant other.  Life 's circumstance i.e. military, penal or due to a lack of knowledge of the child.   Now is the time, don't let your child suffer.  You are one of the most important relationships your child will ever have.  In fact, the relationship a child has with their father will mold and affect the relationships they'll have throughout their lifetime.  It's not a coincidence that children from healthy parental relationships (father and mother) excel in life exponentially: from education and domestic relationships, to economics, and most importantly their self-esteem.