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When a Father is not in the Home, you jeopardize the whole Family.

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A Father's rights are the same as the Mother's, regardless of societal and sometimes judicial behavior.  In fact depending on what state you live in; as a Father your rights are identical to the Mother's, it probably doesn't feel like it, but there are laws to protect you.  Courts can be bias, however your strongest ally is your attorney or counsel, you must pay close attention to the counsel you pick.  The wrong counsel, or counsel without your best interest can be gravely damaging to you, your children and the amicable resolution of your divorce, and not to mention unmercifully expensive.  However one rule most men forget in domestic legal matters is he or she works for you!  Your counsel may have a relationship with the Judge or Magistrate, however you are not there to enhance or foster a relationship between your counsel and the bench.  


You are there for relief and/or counsel in one of the most Life altering circumstance you will ever encounter.


Remember identifying an attorney you must feel they will fight, fight the right fight on your behalf.